The All Star Sports Academy's vision is to Inspire and develop players by providing the highest level of instruction in the region. 

The All Star Sports Academy (ASSA, Academy) is an indoor baseball/softball training facility. We have 6 batting cages located in Marlborough, MA. All 6 cages can be retracted to an open playing surface to work on ground balls and outfield drills. 

The Academy is an official USA Softball training facility, and our mission is to provide baseball and softball players with the opportunity to advance their fundamentals and knowledge of the game through our professional instructors. The All Star Sports Academy has hired former professional and college players with exceptional credentials. These instructors will be responsible for our program's labs, private lessons, camps, and classes.  

Are you a player that fits the following criteria?

You’re not born athletic, you’re TRAINED athletic. Player's can be trained to do anything!  Here at the Academy, players will be trained by our professional staff to compete at the highest level in their sport. If a player wants to be successful in their sport, then he/she must do the following:

Have a Desire

  • Desire Wins! 
  • Players must have a desire to be "INTO" their sport. You're either IN your sport, or you're INTO your sport. Here at the Academy, we're looking for players who are INTO their sport. 

Have a Great Coach/Mentor

  • Having a great coach/mentor is what every player needs if they are serious about competing at the next level in their sport. 
  • Our instructors have played at the next level, and have the experience to guide young athletes in the direction they want to go. 

Have a Commitment

  • Nothing is difficult, it's just time consuming. Hitting a baseball/softball with consistent results is simply time consuming. 
  • Athletes must commit themselves in putting in the time to become the player of their dreams. 
  • Success is not given, it's earned. Players who attend our Academy must be willing to follow a weekly regimen that will help build the foundation to success. 

Do more than EXPECTED

  • This will apply to everything that a player does in life. 
  • Your coach only has you taking BP for 10 min during practice? Stay after and continue to hit! No or very little conditioning? Stay after and get your exercise in on your own! Didn't get a chance to throw a bullpen? Stay after and throw on your own! 
  • An athlete is responsible for his/her own success. If an athlete simply does his/her best, it wont be good enough. The athlete must do "Whatever It Takes" if they want to succeed at the next level.  
  • The Academy is home for athletes who are willing to do more than Expected!