What College Coaches are Looking for in an Athlete

What College Coaches are Looking for in an Athlete

            The goal of every athlete is to make it to the next level. Whether the next level is your high school JV/Varsity, DIII, DII, DI, or the pros.  We are always wondering what we could do as athletes to get a coach’s attention, but with todays blog we can find out what coaches are looking for in us. First off, the most important advice from all of the coaches is how players are off the field; the second most important is talent and work ethic. Here is some advice from college coaches directly.



  • “Don’t let your grades limit or determine where you can play. Not going to recruit a player who may not be eligible to play in the spring.”
  • “Low GPAs are not a bad thing as long as there is improvement.”
  • “I look for a player who will fit academically with future desires, and not just the athletics.”
  • “At the university level, I tend to look for athletes with a great GPA, someone that will be a good player on the field and a respectful student in the classroom.


  • “To make it simple, be the best player on your high school team.” 
  • “Make an impact on the field, get noticed. Usually while recruiting a specific player, I will notice a leader or other influential players on the field and want that kid sometimes more than the one initially recruiting.”  
  • “ I look for players who understand their ability on the field and want to get better.”  
  • “Guys who focus on their positives but understand their negatives and strive to improve them.”   
  • “Have at least two of the five tools:
    1. Hitting for Power (Raw Power in BP and in Games)
    2. Hitting for Average
    3. Fielding Ability (Fielding range, hands, instincts)
    4. Throwing Ability (speed/mechanics)
    5. Speed (60 yard time, base running skills, good jumps out of the batter's box)
  • “A kid needs to be able to buy into our program philosophies and goals, I’d always want a kid who has good mechanics but who is not a selfish player. Needs to have the right attitude on and off the field.”
  • “A good physical makeup. He doesn’t need to be ripped and a perfect specimen but he does need to have a fit body.”
  • “Even at the DIII level must be able to throw 80+ if a righty.”
  • “I want a kid who is versatile, willing to play in new positions and try new things.”


  • “I send out a Christmas/Holiday text, and if I don't receive a thank you, I remove that recruit from my list.”
  • “I look for a kid who is going to be a good fit for the school and the program. I don’t want a kid with an attitude that will have a negative impact on and off the field.”
  • “Young athletes need to be coachable, an athlete with a chip on their shoulder will not make it in our program.


These are direct quotes from coaches across the region. One advice from the Blazers is the best YOU possible. Be a leader on and off the field. Get noticed by a combination of your attitude and your talent. Remember, the effort in academics and athletics always come first to every college coach. Contact coaches early as possible, and get your name and talent out there!!