Remote Lessons

Remote Lessons

The All Star Sports Academy is rolling out an all new feature this summer that involves parents to record players during game/practice time. The results are analyzed by one of our instructors below using slow motion play back, telestration, and voice over. This feature is ideal for the player who does not have the time to see his/her instructor before his/her next game. 

Membership Details: 

  • Membership is active month to date of sign up
  • Player will receive 4 video analysis per month (4 remote lesson/month)
    • Player can submit several videos per lesson if he/she chooses
  • Instructors must respond within 72 hours with analysis or the lesson is free, and the player will receive an extra remote lesson in his membership
    • The 72 hour window begins upon approval of video(s)
  • Monthly membership fee = $175

What's Needed from Player:

  • A close up video of players performance
  • Multiple videos can be merged together and uploaded into youtube and sent to us as a link
  • For best analysis:
    • Pitching remote lessons
      • Must provide pitching video of 3 batters faced
    • Hitting remote lessons
      • Must provide 3 at bats worth of video 
    • Catching remote lessons
      • Must provide video of 3 batters worth of catching

What to Expect:

  • Full detailed analysis that includes voice over with telestrations
  • Drills to help with fundamentals if applicable
  • Coaches response time w/n 72 hours


Instructors Available for Remote Lessons


     CASSIDI HARDY                    JOSH KIEFFER                 ZENITH MARIMON



           PAIGE LICATA